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•  IP Licensing Claims

•  Lanham Act and Unfair Competition Claims

•  Patent Infringement Claims

•  Trade Secret Claims

•  Trademark Infringement Claims

•  Copyright Infringement Claims


In this technology-driven economy, a company’s intellectual property often stands at the heart of its value and provides the very reason for its existence.  KHK's intellectual property litigation team excels at crafting and implementing the appropriate legal strategy when one challenges or wrongfully uses that intellectual property.  We have extensive experience in trademark, licensing, patent, copyright, and trade secret litigation.  In cases meriting such effort, we have successfully teamed with our clients' regular intellectual property counsel to ensure comprehensive and competent protection of our clients’ intellectual property interests.  Using this approach, our clients are assured the best of both worlds in their intellectual property litigation endeavors--the historic advantage and technical expertise of their regular intellectual property counsel with our cutting edge trial expertise.  Think about it this way: the greatest patent in the world is useless if its claims cannot be easily explained to a jury.


Most intellectual property litigation is financially overwhelming, even to larger companies who are sophisticated consumers of legal services with large litigation budgets.  As a smaller litigation boutique, we start every case by producing a litigation plan using a value-driven approach that seeks to reduce long-term litigation costs while maximizing the leverage necessary for successful outcomes, whether from  motion practice, negotiated resolutions, or trial. Our lawyers have represented large companies with wide-ranging intellectual property portfolios as well as entrepreneurial start-ups pushing the boundaries of new technology who often find themselves in “David” and “Goliath” encounters. While we have extensive experience resolving intellectual property disputes out of court, we are first and foremost experienced trial lawyers ready and willing to try these kinds of cases.   In any venue or at any stage of a suit, the lawyers on the intellectual property litigation team of KHK stand ready to assist you.


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Pictured: The lawyers of Kravit law
Pictured: The lawyers of Kravit law
Pictured: The lawyers of Kravit law
Pictured: The lawyers of Kravit law
Pictured: The lawyers of Kravit law