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•  Discrimination

•  Officer and Director Representation

•  Restrictive Covenants

•  Theft of Trade Secrets

•  Unfair Competition

•  Wrongful Termination


A company’s relationship with its management-level and other key employees cannot be ignored in  today's business climate.  With important employees frequently being lured away by competitors, issues routinely arise involving misappropriation of trade secrets, the enforceability of covenants not to compete, non-disclosure agreements, and non-solicitation agreements, and unfair competition. KHK is experienced in representing clients with these and other executive separation and employment-related issues.


We can help find creative and practical solutions to these potentially serious problems, whether you are the employer, an employee, or a competitor considering extending an offer to another company’s employee.  From an employer’s perspective, we understand that preserving proprietary knowledge and protecting the investment you have made in developing and maintaining your work force is paramount for a company to thrive in today’s competitive commercial landscape.  From the view of an employee, we understand the desire to consider other employment opportunities that might present themselves and to not be bound by unreasonable restrictions that might affect your mobility as an employee.

Employment discrimination laws impose significant workplace rights and responsibilities.  KHK regularly represents both claimants and respondents in situations involving employment discrimination and retaliatory conduct disputes.  The law governing age, disability, sex, race and other prohibited grounds for employment decisions can be complex and often requires pressing or defending claims in front of federal and state administrative agencies well before litigation in court begins.  Our lawyers are well versed in assisting clients in all phases of employment discrimination disputes.


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Employment Law hero image
Employment Law hero image
Employment Law hero image
Employment Law hero image
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